About the developer of the Mini-Mite Jig

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About the developer of the Mini-Mite Jig

Nick Caralis

Hello, my name is Nick Caralis. I am the owner and founder of Panfishpro. My bait making history can be traced back to Chicago in the late 1970’s. It was at that time when I developed an interest in making my own lures that would catch fish. It started with hand tied marabou and kip tail jigs. It wasn’t until the early 1980’s did I begin experimenting with plastics. Several designs later, and a burnt plastic smoke-filled home, I developed the Mini-Mite Jig.

Back in those days, it was called MiniMight Jig, and the name of the company was Neptune Lures. The first retail shop where I sold the product was Frank’s Live Bait and Tackle, in Chicago, Illinois. With the help of friend Carl Vizzone, I was able to convince many bait shop owners around the great lakes area to buy and sell my MiniMight Jig. Some of these bait and tackle establishments, like Henry’s Sports & Bait and Park Bait Co continue to serve their customers today!

When the MiniMight Jig was manufactured and distributed by me, the jig was individually bagged and stapled 24 bags to a card. I would sell the card to the bait and tackle shops for $8.50. The bait and tackle shops would sell each item at .79 to .99 cents each. The MiniMight Jig was sold in well over 100 establishments during the 1980’s.

Many of my retail customers asked for replacement tails. Eventually, I complied, and thus the MiniMight Replacement Tails were available.

Cubby Lures began distributing the product in the mid 1990’s. Since that time, Cubby Lures renamed the product Mini-Mite Jig, and removed the option to purchase the Mini-Mite Jig Tails. However, they did continue to offer another product I developed in the late 1980’s, the Nail-Tail Jig Tails, which I sold under the name Tezer-Tails.

Today, Cubby Lures continues to use our molds to produce these two previously mentioned products.

Thank you for reading this narrative, and please watch our website for new and exciting products, and check out the fish catching items we currently offer.


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