Covid-19 – 10/27/2020 Update

If you don’t see an image here of a monster crappie who just fell victim to our Jigabite Jig, then you are using an outdated web browser. Please consider upgrading for a better and safer browsing experience.

Panfishpro continues to operate in a manner where the emphasis is on safety. With all the information now available on the Covid-19 virus, masking, sanitizing and social distancing seems like a good idea. To date, remaining members of our staff have not been exposed to or have contracted, to our knowledge, the Covid-19 virus.

In Kane County, Illinois, from where we operate, the governor has, once again, imposed tighter restrictions on bars, restaurants and other gatherings. Some of our local restaurants, and one favorite in particular, have said they don’t have the resources to weather another shut down. Our hearts and thought truly and honestly go out to the owners and employees of these establishments.

One of our major suppliers have gone out of business. Other suppliers are needing many more weeks and months before product is shipped. We are exploring new ideas in the procurement of products.

The overwhelming majority of our products ship by way of the United States Post Office. The Post Office appears to be having difficulties as well. Many orders are delayed in transit. We have seen one order in transit for 17 days, and this order was shipped to a US address. There is not a noticeable delay in orders shipped outside of the US. If your order has been delayed in the postal system, please accept our apologies for this experience.

We will continue to ship customer orders as they arrive to us. As our inventory depletes, we many need to revisit our hours of operation and shipping procedures.

We continue to practice social distancing in our office and shop space, and doing what we are able to, to stay safe and well. We hope you are doing the same. Please be conscientious and respectful while in public places. Together we can get past this. Please stay safe, please stay well.

For more information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), please see the CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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