Covid-19 – 11/21/2020 Update

Thus far the year 2020 has been our most difficult operating year. We should be creating, marketing and bringing new products to our customers. We have so many new product ideas in the designs pipeline. The year 2020 has placed a wall in front of these goals. Navigating new COVID-19 related operating restrictions and other nearly insurmountable operating challenges has become daunting for a small business such as ours. We will do our best and persevere.

With the new COVID-19 restrictions set in place by the state from which we operate, we are forced to make some difficult choices. Fortunately for us, this time of the year is historically a slow time for sales. With that said, we will cut back on the days where we ship orders. Usually we ship orders daily, and sometimes on Saturday when order volume dictates. To limit time spent in our facilities, we will move to a 3-day shipping schedule. Orders will ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This, of course, excludes all federal holidays. Please accept our sincerest apologies should this decision effect your expected delivery times.

Our hearts and thought are with the other business owners who too are struggling under the immense pressure brought on my the COVID-19. And even more worrisome to us is the employees of these businesses, or the people who may have already lost their job due to this pandemic. You are the ones we have the utmost sympathy for.

We feel that in the United States of America, in this day and in this age, this pandemic should not have happened. Something went wrong, terribly wrong, or did it?

We ask that you please do what you can to stay safe while respecting the safety of others around you.

For more information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), please see the CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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