Covid-19 – 4/8/2021 Update

Shipments are moving slower through the delivery systems. See details here.

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Covid-19 – 4/8/2021 Update

For a short time, it appeared we were getting a handle on this Coronavirus. Vaccine distribution was ramping up, new infection numbers were going down, death rates were going down and some hospitals had zero Covid patients. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Now it all seems to be going backwards. Increased numbers of new infections, increasing numbers of new Covid related deaths and increased numbers of hospitalized Covid patients. Reports of new variances of the Coronavirus are making headlines, and it’s undetermined if our current vaccines are effective against them. When will this end?

It would appear that the nice little niche market we have carved out for ourselves has taken a beating by the Coronavirus. We are struggling, really struggling to keep inventory in stock. Distributors and manufacturers in which we have had an ongoing relationship have either gone out of business, or are unable to obtain supplies. We talked with a manufacturer yesterday, who we have an order with for new machinery. They have told us our order has been cancelled. The reason is a manufacturer they rely on went out of business without notice, just closed shop. Other manufacturers who make this same machinery are having the same issues.

Our plan for 2021 was to introduce at least 3 new jig tails. Our bait molds are made out of 6013 T6 aluminum. Right now, this grade of aluminum is difficult to find, and if you do find it, expect to pay 3 – 5 times the “pre-corona” rate. It’s the same issue with packaging costs. Our packaging costs have increased about 35% since 2019.

Many businesses are experiencing the same issues as we are. This is a terrible situation for all of us. All of these increased costs ultimately get passed on to the consumer in the form of increased pricing for goods and services.

In closing, we continue to ask that you do what you can to stay safe and let’s try together to get past this tragic time in history.

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