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Create an account

Why would you want to create an account on the website? Here are a few good reasons:

Discounts. Occasionally we add discount offers to our customers accounts. These discounts are never offered or advertised elsewhere.

Speedy Check-out. Once you have created your account, next time you login to place an order, you won’t need to enter your shipping/billing address or contact information.

Previous order look-up. Not sure what you ordered last time? With an account, you may view all your previous orders.

Shipment tracking. When a shipping label is created, that information is added to your account. Know when your order shipped and when to expect delivery.

Contact us. When logged into your account, there is no need to answer a challenge question to contact us.

How to create an account:

When pacing an order on our website, you have the option to create an account.

Tick the “Create an account?” box, enter your desired user name and password. Finish the check-out process, and your new account is created!

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