NEXTALGX™ Jig Series

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NEXTALGX™ Pre-Rigged Jigs.

What’s next for NEXTALGX?

1/16 #4, available this year. Follow us on social for product updates.

This product was designed in the USA. The molds were designed and made in the USA. Manufacturing, assembly, and packaging are performed in the USA. The package was designed and printed in the USA. Made in the USA, it makes a difference.


The baits pictured above is a bait the owner and founder of Panfishpro originally manufactured, packaged and distributed in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The earliest such recording of these sales occurred on August 23, 1983. We are certain that first sales, although unrecorded, happened long before that date. Read more about us, and this bait, here.

“panfishpro” and “millions of fish, countless memories.” are registered trademarks of Nepsco Industries.