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Our Blog

After more than 22 years, we’re pulling the plug.

1/2/2023 – It’s time to say good-bye.

We’re Moving!

1/17/2022 – It’s all about customer service.

Will you make a special color for me?

12/13/2021 – Well, mmmm. Please, keep reading.

15% off Anything and Everything.

11/27/2021 – First time ever, and ending soon.

Internet Explorer and Panfishpro, LLC.

8/28/2021 – Some will need to update their Internet browsers.

Why was my order cancelled?

4/8/2021 – Find out why, here.

Where is that color you use to sell?

10/30/2020 – I can’t find that color I purchased from you in the past.

The Forecast – Sunny Days Ahead.

5/25/2020 – Honoring all who served and looking forward to the future.

What happened to the items in my cart?

3/20/2020 – I added items to my cart, a few days ago, and now the cart is empty?

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