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Our entire selection of Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads

✓ Jig Tail Resistant Paint
✓ Chip Resistant Paint
✓ Premium Quality Gold Hooks
✓ Reusable Zip Top Bag
✓ Pro-Quality Jig Heads!

These are most likely the highest quality, commercially available, jig heads you can tie on the end of your line. The hooks are from major manufacturers, and the purest of alloys are used in the molding process. To finish them off, our jig heads are painted with multiple coats of plastic bait resistant, ultra chip resistant paint. Not powder coated like most tackle manufacturers use. Our painting process achieves the truest and most brilliant of fluorescent colors possible on a jig head. Our jig heads are package in heavy gauge, resealable bags of 10.

1/64 ounce – #10 gold hook – ball no collar

1/64 ounce – #8 gold hook – ball no collar

1/32 ounce – #8 gold hook – ball no collar

1/32 ounce – #6 gold hook – ball no collar

1/32 ounce – #4 gold hook – ball no collar

1/16 ounce – #5 gold hook – ball no collar

1/16 ounce – #2 gold hook – ball no collar

Product Information

We package our Jig Heads in a heavy gauge resealable zip top bag. Each bag included 10 Jig Heads.

Most painted Jig Heads on the market today are powder coated. Powder coating is a really fast way to apply color to an unpainted Jig Head. From start to finish, a powder coated jig head can be packaged in 10 minutes or less. This is ideal to satisfy production requirements. The down side to powder coating is it’s not the most durable or most radiant of finishes, especially the fluorescent colors. The finish on our Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads is a multiple coat, proprietary formulation which cures by way of an exothermic reaction. So go-ahead, rig your plastic baits on our Jig Heads, and leave them in your hot car. Our colors won’t run. From start to finish, our painting process is nearly one week. And our fluorescent colors reflect much, much more of the visible light spectrum than powder coating is capable of. The result of our Jig Head painting process is; colors easily seen by the fish, and a durable finish which is difficult to chip while fishing any conditions. Durability, visibility and premium quality hooks, isn’t that what you want in a painted Jig Head?

Lead Notice – These items are made with lead.

California Proposition 65 –
New Hampshire 339:77 –

WARNING These hooks are sharp! Please keep these products out of the reach of children.

We feel that since our jig heads are encapsulated in multiple coats of paint, this reduces, or eliminates, the potential for lead exposure to humans.