Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin

Good Products, Great Prices!

The Jig Heads below are via a manufacturer who gave us a very fair price, and we are offerng them to our customers at a very fair price. These are a 1/32 ounce ball head with collar, number 6 bronze hook and short bait holder.

Dimensions for Jig Heads above.

These 1/24 ounce number 8 gold hook (heaver than 1/32 and lighter than 1/16) are Panfishpro – Pro Quality Jig Heads. We will be moving them out of the Bargain-Bin and into the store as soon as our other colors are ready. You will never see Panfishpro – Pro Quality Jig Heads at this price again.

These Jig Tail colors have been discontinued.

We are calling these unpainted Jig Heads “Not Quite Perfect”. The hooks are not set in the exact location. Cast these to where you probably will get hung up and loose your jigs. Hooks are premium Gold.

Please take these Cubby Caps fishing with you. They are priced right and quality stitched 6 panel vented 100% cotton design, 3D stitched “Cubby” on front side of the cap, stitched CUBBYLURES.COM on back side, stitched Mini-Mite Jig on the visor, stitched Mini-Mite on right side of cap, cloth strap with brass adjusting buckle to fit most sizes, rigid curved visor and multi-color designs.

Tear Drop Ice Jigs #10 Gold Hook. These are first run closeouts. Sold individually.

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BARGAIN BIN RETURN POLICY. We guarantee these items to be completely fishable and as described. Most items here are sold at little or no profit, and some at below cost. With that said, returns will be honored provided customer pays return postage.

The configuration of the Mini-Mite family of lure tails are registered trademarks of Cubby Fishing Tackle. Cubby, JIG-IN-A-TUBE, and MINI-MITE are registered trademarks of Cubby Fishing Tackle.