1.65 inch INSTINCTRIX Jig Kits

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Jig Kits

1.65 inch

Product Information

Nick Caralis, the inventor of the Mini-Mite Jig is proud to present the INSTINCTRIX Jig. It took many months and many prototypes to perfect the action and balance of this bait. Thousands of fish were caught with the INSTINCTRIX Jig, before the first one was ever sold.

Many small jig tails are cylindrical, so no matter how you rig them, the action and profile of the tail are the same. That is not the case with our INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails. The tail section is flat and wide and the body is round, so as the jig is seen from different angles, the profile changes. Think of a small bait-fish as it swims through the water. Viewing it from the top, side or as it swims away, the profile changes. Our INSTINCTRIX Jig Tail mimics that visual. Plus, the fluttering effect of the tail section creates a vibration and an action the fish can see and hear. This is one pan fish jig that we promise won’t disappoint.

Our 1.65-inch INSTINCTRIX Jig Kits are available in 60 or 115 pieces. If you’re the guy, or gal, that spends hours and hours on the water, then these items are for you! With enough Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads and INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails to keep you fishing for a long time. Included is a reusable 6 compartment storage container. Say hello to your new favorite pan fish jig, say hello to INSTINCTRIX.

  • 60 piece kits include 10 of our 1/32 #8 Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads and 50 1.4 inch INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails.
  • 115 piece kits include 15 of our 1/32 #8 Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads and 100 1.4 inch INSTINCTRIX Jig Tails. When rigged, the jig is 1.65 inches in length.

When rigged:

1.65 inches total length.


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