Cubby Mini-Mite JIG-IN-A-TUBE 5 Pack

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Cubby Mini-Mite JIG


Did you know our INSTINCTRIX Jig was developed by the same person who developed the Mini-Mite Jig? It’s true. Our INSTINCTRIX Jig is the same size as the Mini-Mite Jig, in the same clear tubes and catches fish by design. INSTINCTRIX is a better price, better quality and available in more colors. See them here.

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Product Information

Each package includes:

  • 5 rigged Cubby Mini-Mite JIG-IN-A-TUBE
  • Each jig is in a reusable plastic tube with cap
  • Jig head is 1/32 oz. lead ball with a #8 gold hook
  • Mini-Mite Jig is 1 1/2-inches in length

The Cubby Mini-Mite JIG-IN-A-TUBE has been a long time favorite with the pan-fishermen, an excellent choice for Bluegill, Perch, Crappie and Rock Bass. Available in many colors, with at least one to suit your particular needs.

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