2.25 inch INSTINCTRIX Rigged Jigs

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Rigged Jigs

1/16 ounce ball/collar #4 Gold hook

INSTINCTRIX 2.25 inch rigged jigs
INSTINCTRIX 2.25 inch rigged jigs
(not shown actual size)

Additional colors will be added in the not too distant future.

Product Information

Each package includes:

  • 3 rigged 2 – 1/4 inch INSTINCTRIX Jigs
  • Each jig is in a reusable plastic tube with cap
  • Rigged on a Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Head 1/16 ounce ball/collar #4 Gold hook

Lead Notice – These items are made with lead.

California Proposition 65 – https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/fact-sheets/lead-and-lead-compounds
These products are not for sale in New Hampshire - https://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/fishing/get-the-lead-out.html

WARNING These hooks are sharp! Please keep these products out of the reach of children.

We feel that since our jig heads are encapsulated in multiple coats of paint, this reduces, or eliminates, the potential for lead exposure to humans.

US Flag

This product was designed in the USA. The molds were designed and made in the USA. Manufacturing, assembly, and packaging are performed in the USA. The package was designed and printed in the USA. It makes a difference.


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