Why was my order cancelled?

Why was my order cancelled?

Panfishpro.com reserves the right to limit the quantities of the products you order. We also reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason or for no reason at all. This sentence has been included in our shipping terms since 2004.

We cancel orders for various reasons, and while we won’t elaborate here on what all those reasons are, we would like to mention the number one reason we cancel orders. The number one reason is; customer did not reply to our email for shipping address verification.

Of recent, many customers will submit an order with an incomplete shipping address, or an address the United States Post Office will not deliver to. Some customers do not receive mail via the USPS at their homes or place of business. We found that these customers have Post Office boxes. If the PO does not deliver to your desired address, and you have a PO box, please use the PO box as your shipping address.

Other orders are submitted where the customer may have omitted an apartment number, or street direction such as North, South, East or West. We have even received orders where street names were omitted.

Our shipping software is connected to the USPS database. When an address does not match, a warning is given. When this happens, we will attempt to verify the shipping address through other services. If this action yields no results, we will contact the customer via email for address verification. Many of these emails go unanswered. As a result, we must cancel the order and issue a refund to the customer.

We don’t like cancelling orders, and we take additional steps in an attempt to avoid this final action. Sure, we can override the shipping label and ship to the unverified address. That has resulted in too many returned shipments as the address truly was not valid.

If we have cancelled your order due to this reason, we again apologize to you. If you have yet to place an order, please, verify your shipping information before submitting your order. Thank you for reading this post!

If you have questions for us, please contact us here, on Facebook or on Twitter.