Cubby Nail-Tail Jig Tails

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Cubby® Nail-Tail®
Jig Tails

1.75 inch

Can’t find your favorite color Nail-Tail? Try our Nailz’M Jig Tails. Same bait, same size, better price and more colors to choose from. If you don’t like them, but you will, we will buy them back and pay the return shipping. BTY, Cubby uses OUR molds to make the Cubby Nail-Tail Jig Tails.

Product Information

Each Nailz’M package includes:
10 – 1.75 inch Nailz’M Jig Tails

Each Nail-Tail package includes:
10 – 1.75 inch Nail-Tail Jig Tails

Use either bait full length, or cut to size for a smaller presentation. Theseis jig tails works best rigged on a 1/32 or 1/64 ounce jig head with either a #8 or #6 hook. Our Panfishpro Pro-Quality 1/64 #81/32 #8 and 1/32 #6 are a perfect match for this bait.

Nail-Tail Jig Tail

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