Quality, Integrity, Value

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Quality – Integrity – Value

Quality – What is quality? Our definition of quality is a product that is manufactured to at least the standards of the larger tackle companies. It is important to know that Panfishpro was started by a person who loves to fish, and was frustrated by the quality of tackle products he purchased to catch those fish. In recent years, we begun to bring the manufacturing process back in-house. A large investment was made into manufacturing equipment, software, and education on learning these new systems. This allows us to keep a firm grip on the quality of the products that we offer, and will allow us to offer products soon that we could not offer just a few years ago.

Integrity – Panfishpro is not part of a larger marketing firm. We are not all about big data. We are not about selling your information to other companies. We simply want to make available to you, products that will help you catch fish. We will certainly make a small profit on the products you purchase from us. We will never profit from your digital trail.

Value – Most of the items found on our website are made by us. This means you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer, and not paying the mark-up on two to three middle men. Value also extends beyond the price you pay for a product. Excellent customer service is also valuable. Excellence in customer service is included free with each order you place. Excellence in customer service is even provided if you never purchase from us. From shipping orders quickly, including free samples with your orders, and responding in a timely manner on concerns that you may have, it is just something we have been doing for over 22 years.

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