How to remove paint from the eyelet of a Jig Head

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How to remove paint from the eyelet of a Jig Head

There are many ways to remove paint from the eyelet of a Jig Head. This method works best for us.

Some fishermen will use the point of another hook to try and remove the paint from the eyelet of a Jig Head. We advise against this! If you slip, it may be painful and may involve a trip to the hospital! What we have found that works best for us, on small size Jig Heads, like that found on the Cubby Mini-Mite Jig, or our Panfishpro Pro-Quality Jig Heads, is using another Jig Head where the hook point was broken off.

If you fish rocky bottoms or where there is submerged wood, you probably have broken a few hooks in an attempt to become un-snagged. Where the hook point broke off, you want to push that through the eyelet of your Jig Head.

You will notice the broken hook of one Jig Head. Grasping the head of the jig with the broken hook, we pushed the hook wire through the painted eyelet of the Cubby Mini-Mite Jig in the above image. You may need to wiggle or rock the broken hook wire back and forth a bit, while applying pressure on the painted eyelet, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly easy to do. In the above photos, you will notice how all the paint from the eyelet was removed in one piece.

Some fishermen will scrape the paint away with a knife, but again, we wouldn’t do that as a slip could cause injury. If you’re using a Cubby Mini-Mite Jig with a #8 hook, you’ll want to use a broken #8, or maybe a #6 hook, to open the eyelet. Anything larger probably won’t pass through the eyelet of the Mini-Mite Jig. Keep a few of the empty tubes from your Cubby Mini-Mite Jigs, or Panfishpro INSTINCTRIX Jigs, to store jig heads where the point was broken off. I have a few in my tackle bag.

We hope this demo will help you remove the paint from the eyelets from ours, and other’s Jig Heads. Do you know of a better way to remove the paint from a Jig Head? If yes, and you would like to share you method with us, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. If you have any additional questions for us, please contact us here.

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