It’s Time To Pull The Plug

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It’s Time To Pull The Plug

Post date: January 2, 2023

It was more than twenty-two years ago when Panfishpro went live. Many consumers we spoke with back then were frightened at the notion of entering their credit card information into a webpage. Some told us they would “never” do that. Fast forward twenty-two years later, and oh how our buying habits, and thinking of the internet have changed.

The ubiquitous Facsimile Machine.

To accommodate those who wished to bypass ordering online, we created a method to accept orders by fax, and by mail. The time has come to end these ordering options. As of today, we are pulling the plug on our order by fax, and order by mail options.

Our very first order form.

We have analyzed the data from the many years of our mailed and faxed orders, and have determined this decision should have zero impact on our *current customers. Many who utilized our fax and mail ordering options have converted to ordering through our website (thank you!), and some who utilized these ordering options, we have not heard from in quite some time. We will honor orders received by mail postmarked 1/31/2023, and earlier. Faxed orders will be honored received up to 1/9/2023. Faxed and mailed orders received after these dates will be discarded.

Thank you for your understanding of this decision, and a genuine thank you to all the customers who have made it possible to remain in business for more than two decades.

*Based on a customer who reorders in twenty-four months or less.

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