What happened to the items in my cart?


You’ve done this. We’ve all done this. You’re browsing a cool website, like Panfishpro.com, that sells hot products, like Panfishpro.com! You add some of these products to the cart, then a few more and maybe even a few more. Then all the sudden, you hear the spouse calling. You drop the phone, or step away from the computer, and don’t bother to revisit the website.

This happens more often than you would think. Not just on our website. It happens on all websites. This is called “abandoned cart”. There are many reasons for the consumer to abandon their on-line carts. We won’t discuss these reasons here.

On the Panfishpro.com website, we have seen as many as 100 abandoned carts in a week. Abandoned carts hoard valuable system memory, clutters the database and generally will slowdown a website if not addressed.

From this point forward, we will purge abandoned carts. We will not empty your cart as you are adding items to it, however, all carts will be emptied in 72 hours, if the items in these carts are not purchased. This will not impact your ability to look up previous completed orders. If you revisit our website a week after adding products to the cart, chances are very good they won’t be there.

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