Where’s my Stuff?

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Where’s my Stuff?

December 30, 2018

Did you receive all of your shipments this holiday season?

One of the worst, and rightfully so, customer experiences is when merchandise is ordered and never received. Why didn’t you receive the products you ordered and paid for? The overwhelming reason: Because it was stolen.

Many studies have been conducted on missing shipments. The statistics contained within the reports of these studies detail an astounding nearly 26,000,000, let us put that into words, twenty-six million, packages were reported stolen in the year 2017. If you’re on the business end, the shipper that is, of these missing/stolen shipments, you must take preventive action. And that’s exactly what we did in 2016. The stolen package syndrome has become so epidemic that the big boy shippers, and we all know who they are, have been experimenting with ways to secure deliveries. Lock boxes, access to the trunks of our automobiles and access to our homes. We now need to let someone we don’t know in to our homes, while we’re not there, because it’s less risky than leaving a package at the front door.

On average, the cost to replace every dollar of product missing is two dollars. In the past, companies would reship missing orders at no charge to the customer. This is not necessarily the case today. A simple Google search of “my order was not delivered”, or “where’s my stuff” will yield many customer stories of non-delivery and the companies unwillingness to reship a new (free) order. It’s simply too expensive to reship 26,000,000 million orders for free. And let us let you in on a little secret, hits to the bottom line are passed on to the consumer (YOU!). And there are many ways to pass along price increases to the consumer (YOU AGAIN!).

In May of 2016, we implemented Package Signature Delivery Service. For us, this was a difficult decision to make. We know it’s not convenient for everyone to be available for a package delivery signature. In the twelve months leading up to May of 2016, 127 customers contacted us to say they never received their orders. The tracking showed that these 127 orders were delivered, though these customers said no order was received. We reshipped all 127 orders at no additional cost to the customer. We, Panfishpro, LLC., are a small company. Reshipping 127 orders at no additional cost to the customer put a dent in our bottom line for that year.

Our implementation of Package Signature Delivery Service has been bittersweet. Here’s the sweet part: Non-delivery of orders has been almost completely eliminated. And now for the bitter part: Customers aren’t always available to sign for deliveries. Results: Customer needs to arrange for re-delivery. If the customer wants his/her order shipped where no signature is necessary, we have a form for that.

If you’re alright with giving strangers access to your home or auto, good for you! We on the other hand prefer to make alternate delivery arrangements. We’re OK with our deliveries being made to the office or a neighbors home. How do you keep your deliveries from ending up in the wrong hands? We would really enjoy hearing your solutions! Please contact us here.

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