Will you make a special color for me?


Will you make a special color for me?

Monday, December 13, 2021

Will you make a special color for me?

Well,,,,, mmmm. Please, keep reading.

If you have ever contacted us with a special request, then you already know that at Panfishpro, we go above and beyond to be accommodating whenever possible. It has been an absolute privilege to serve our customers for over twenty years now, and if there is just one thing learned from this, that would be; customer service is our most valuable product.

During our existence, fishermen have requested of us to make colors in our jig heads, and plastic baits, that we had never made prior to these requests. Some of these requests were not possible, such as two-color jig tails. Our molds were not designed to make two color or laminate baits. However, we have honored many of the requests, and these customers were gracious in our compliance. In the recent years, however, that has not held true.

Over the past several months, we have honored requests to make custom colors in a few of our products. In addition to that, we altered our website so that these custom orders could be easily purchased. What happened? The customers ghosted us. All attempts at contacting the customer, to let them know the custom order was ready, went unanswered.

In conclusion, and from this point forward, we will respectfully decline all requests for custom product colors. We thank you for your understanding and appreciation of this decision.

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