1.5 inch Versa-Tail® Jig Tails

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Jig Tails

1.5 inch

1.5 inches total length.

Product Information

10W-40 Motor Oil – Looks like a fresh 10W-40 Motor Oil right from the bottle.

Black - No explanation needed.

Bright Green – This is non-fluorescent nearly transparent Emerald Green.

Bubble Gum – This is an opaque semi-fluorescent color.

Chartreuse/Black flake - This is a brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse with a reflective black flake.

Cherry Juice – Think Cherry Juice!

Clear - No color, just clear.

Clear Chartreuse - This is a brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse.

Clear Chartreuse/Silver glitter – This is a brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse with silver glitter.

Fluorescent Orange Opaque - This is a brilliant fluorescent semi-transparent Orange.

Glow in the Dark - No explanation needed.

Golden Roach/Gold Glitter – A mostly transparent Gold color with Gold glitter and a hint of iridescent.

Golden Yellow – We call it Golden Yellow. Some have likened it to Mustard Yellow.

Grape – Not the Green kind. This is a non-fluorescent transparent Purple Grape.

Green Chartreuse – This is a brilliant fluorescent semi-transparent Green Chartreuse. One of our favorite colors!

Green Sunfish – This color is difficult to explain. It includes Green glitter and some Red glitter. It is mostly transparent and throws off a low level of an iridescent greenish holographic look.

Hot Pink – This is a fluorescent semi-transparent Hot Pink.

Key Lime Pie – This is a semi-fluorescent opaque pastel Lime.

Translucent Pearl White/Silver Glitter – Exactly!

Watermelon/Orange glitter – This is a semi-transparent Watermelon with Orange glitter. The Watermelon part is like a darker motor oil or baby bass color.

White – No explanation needed.

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