Nailz’M™ Jig Tails


Jig Tails

1.75 inch

Nail-Tail Jig Tail

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Additional colors available soon.

Product Information

Clear Chartreuse/Silver glitter – This is brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse with silver glitter.

Green Chartreuse – This is a brilliant fluorescent semi-transparent Green Chartreuse. One of our favorite colors!

White – No explanation needed.

Black - No explanation needed.

Hot Pink – This is a fluorescent semi-transparent Hot Pink.

Orange - This is a brilliant fluorescent transparent Orange.

Green Sunfish – This color is difficult to explain. It includes Green glitter and some Red glitter. It is mostly transparent and throws off a low level of a greenish holographic look.

Glow in the Dark - No explanation needed.

Golden Roach/Gold Glitter – A mostly transparent Gold color with Gold glitter.

Clear Chartreuse - This is brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse.

Bubble Gum – This is an opaque semi-fluorescent color.

Golden Yellow – We call it Golden Yellow. Some have likened it to Mustard Yellow.

Lime - This is brilliant fluorescent transparent Lime.

Grape – Kind of like a semi-transparent Purpleish Grape.

Watermelon/Orange glitter – This is a semi-transparent Watermelon with Orange glitter. The Watermelon part is like a darker motor oil or baby bass color.

Chartreuse/Black flake - This is brilliant fluorescent transparent Chartreuse with a reflective black flake.

Cherry Juice – Think Cherry Juice!

Bright Blue – This is a non-fluorescent semi-transparent Blue.

Silk Chartreuse – This is a bright opaque fluorescent Chartreuse with a an ever so slight hint of Green.

Chartreuse - This is a really brilliant opaque fluorescent Chartreuse.

The Nailz’M Jig Tails are packaged in a poly bag with bar coded header card and die cut 5/16″ peg hole. Each package includes 10 Nailz’M Jig tails.

We suggest using a 1/64 ounce or 1/32 ounce jig head with a number 10 or number 8 hook on our Nailz’M Jig Tails. If you’re interested in ultra-premium jig heads in these sizes, please follow this link.

Did you know that the owner and founder of Panfishpro, LLC. first made and sold this bait back in the 1980’s? It’s true. Find out more about us here.


“NAILZ’M” is a trademark of Panfishpro, LLC.