Panfishpro Original Stickers Purchase Credit

Panfishpro Original Sticker Purchase Credit

For information on the Panfishpro branded sticker purchase credit, please continue reading.

When you purchase any of our Panfishpro branded stickers, we will issue to you a store credit for an amount equal to the sticker purchase price. There is no minimum, or maximum, limit to the stickers you may purchase where credit is given, and credit is given on all sticker purchases. When a Panfishpro branded sticker(s) is/are purchased, the credit for that purchase will be attached to your Panfishpro online account in the form of a store credit. That credit may be applied to any of our products on your next purchase. The credit will be issued to your Panfishpro online account when your order ships and is finalized. This happens within one to two business days of your purchase. To use this store credit, you must login to your Panfishpro online account when ready to use. Click on your credit, found on the cart page, to apply. This store credit is not redeemable for cash. When you purchase our Panfishpro branded stickers, and have no Panfishpro online account, your store credit code will be printed on your purchase receipt included with your shipment. If you purchase more than one of our Panfishpro branded stickers, the single code printed on your receipt will include the entire store credit due to you. When a store credit is issued and printed on your purchase receipt, it is your responsibility to enter that store credit code during checkout of your next order. Store credit cannot be given after a purchase is made, and must be used in conjunction with your next order. This store credit is not redeemable for cash. All store credits given as a result of a purchase of the Panfishpro branded stickers purchase will expire 60 days from the date of purchase. You may gift your store credit to anyone if so desired. No store credit is given on Panfishpro branded stickers where you received this item free as the result of a qualifying purchase.

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